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Easy Access to Your Money

Your credit union wants to make it easy for you to have access to your accounts. Even though each credit union has its own set of member products and services, most have these:

Direct Deposit

Why wait in line or worry about finding time to deposit your paycheck? Most employers offer direct deposit, which will electronically put your money into your account on payday. Click here to learn more about direct deposit and to see if it’s for you.

ATM Cards

Everyone knows what an ATM, or Automatic Teller Machine, is and how to use it. A great tip for ATM use is to keep track of how much you’ve withdrawn and what you’ve spent it on. Learn more about ATM cards in our Spend section.

Debit Cards

Everything you love about your ATM card, but wrapped up in the form of a credit card that thinks like a check. The best of all worlds—in many ways. Get more information on debit cards in our Spend section.

Credit Cards

Proceed with caution! Credit cards may sound tempting, but make sure you can actually afford what you’re buying at the end of each month. Check out our useful tips on credit cards in our Spend section.

Online Banking

Pretty much anything you’d need to do with your checking or savings accounts, with a click of a mouse. Many credit unions use online banking so members can view account balances and transactions, pay bills, transfer funds and more. Just make sure their site is secure.

Telephone Banking

You can use telephone banking to check your balances and sometime even transfer funds to and from your credit union accounts. The first time you call you’ll need to follow the prompts to set it up, but after that you’ll be able to access your account information from any phone.